Ezio Bosso in concert in Paestum

A concert by Ezio Bosso with the Salerno Philharmonic Orchestra will be held on Sunday, August 5, 2018 near the Basilica of Paestum.

Near the Basilica of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, a concert by maestro Ezio Bosso with theOrchestra Filarmonica Salernitana “Giuseppe Verdi” will be held on Sunday, August 5, 2018, at 9 p.m. This is one of the stages of"Camera in Tour," an initiative of the Salerno Chamber of Commerce aimed at supporting the cultural-tourist supply chain of our territory.

The concert is part of six appointments with famous artists held in strategic places in the province of Salerno.

In order to attend the concert, aninvitation is required: in fact, vouchers are expected to be issued in hotel facilities to give away to guests of those facilities and, in case of non-use, to be distributed throughout the territory through trade associations.

The president of the Salerno Chamber of Commerce, Andrea Prete, said, “We consider tourism a key strategic lever to lift the economy of our territory. We are finding great enthusiasm for this initiative, which, incorporating the new indications of the chamber reform, such as that of encouraging and promoting tourism and culture, gratifies the stay of guests in Salerno’s hotels and if planned further in advance can be an attractor to motivate and sustain further presences in the province of Salerno.”


Ezio Bosso in concert in Paestum
Ezio Bosso in concert in Paestum

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