Farewell to Raffaella Carrà, the blond-haired queen of Italian television

The blond-haired queen of Italian television, Raffaella Carrà, passed away today at the age of 78.

She has left us at the age of 78, due to a serious illness, Raffaella Carrà, the famous presenter, singer and actress with the characteristic blond bob. Announcing the passing of one of the queens of Italian television was Sergio Japino: “Raffaella has left us. She has gone to a better world, where her humanity, her unmistakable laugh and her extraordinary talent will shine forever.”

Her success went beyond the borders of Italy: abroad she was well known especially in Spain and Latin America. Among her most famous songs are the Tuca Tuca that marked entire generations with its transgressive choreography with her bare navel, Ma che musica maestro, Tanti auguri, A far l’amore comincia tu, Fiesta.

Born in Bologna in 1943, Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, this is her real name, made her television debut in 1961 in Tempo di danza; in 1970 she then became famous to the general public with the hit program Canzonissima. In 1984 the success continued with Pronto, Raffaella, followed in 1991 by Fantastico 12. From 1995 to 1997 and in 2002 she brought to Italy the highly successful program Carramba! What a Surprise, inspired by the British Surprise , surprise. Then again, Carramba! What luck, the 2001 Sanremo Festival, Sogni, The Voice of Italy. His last program was A raccontare comincia tu in 2019.

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“With her goes the Lady of Italian television. A woman of great talent, passion and humanity who accompanied us throughout our lives. Goodbye Raffaella,” thus Culture Minister Dario Franceschini after learning the news of her passing. Sergio Mattarella also commented, “Deeply affected by the passing of Raffaella Carrà, a popular artist loved by generations of television viewers in Italy and abroad. Television face par excellence she conveyed a message of elegance, kindness and optimism with her skill and sympathy.” “Raffaella Carrà has been and will continue to be a model to be inspired by. To her goes the thanks of Rai for having written fundamental pages in the history of the Public Service,” Rai writes.

Farewell to Raffaella Carrà, the blond-haired queen of Italian television
Farewell to Raffaella Carrà, the blond-haired queen of Italian television

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