Florence, a foundation is born to promote contemporary sacred art

The Contemporary Sacred Art Foundation was born in Florence, a new entity that will promote and enhance contemporary sacred art in all its aspects, from training to production.

A new foundation is born in Florence that will aim to promote and enhancecontemporary sacred art: it is the Fondazione Arte Sacra Contemporanea, presented Saturday at the Cenacolo di Santa Croce. The foundation will be chaired by Lucia Tanti, vice president is Paolo Blasi. Presenting the activities of the newly formed foundation was Micol Forti, curator of the Modern and Contemporary Art collection of the Vatican Museums, who “baptized” this new institution with a prologue entitled Artists are Pilgrims of the Absolute, with which the academic year 2022/23 opened. In particular, Micol Forti dwelt on the need for a continuous renewal of the language of sacred art, capable of keeping alive the dialogue with the extraordinary artistic tradition of the past but, at the same time, able to grant freedom and autonomy to new generations of artists so that they can build a sacred art of the future under the banner of quality, contemporaneity and instrument of civic regeneration.

Born out of the experience of the School of Sacred Art, an international reality that has been operating in Florence for more than ten years, the Fondazione Arte Sacra Contemporanea aims to be the crossroads of all professions that have to do with the sacred, working to train a new generation of artists, artisans, tour guides, museum operators and promoting opportunities for cultural in-depth study of the universe of the multiple expressions of contemporary art.

With a CDA that is an expression of the Municipality of Florence, Archdiocese of Florence, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Fabbricerie Fiorentine, Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Centrale, IUL Università Telematica and Artes LAB and chaired by Stefania Fuscagni, the Fondazione Arte Sacra Contemporanea is based in Florence, in the heart of the Parco delle Cascine where students from all over the world attend thematic workshops that offer multiple and differentiated training opportunities.

“Turning the school into a foundation,” says Lucia Tanti, “is a small revolution in continuity. It is an educational and cultural challenge that looks to the future: by enhancing and working on our artistic heritage, we make our own the principles of the generative and renewable economy that makes sacred art a lever of development, knowing that we do not live off of rent. Hence the word that is at the heart of everything: contemporaneity, speaking to today’s people with today’s languages, today’s suggestions, today’s materials. A challenge that also has a strong institutional vocation: we would never have been born if people had not joined with institutions, and for this I thank the members of the board of directors and all the founding partners who believed in this ambitious transformation project.”

In the photo, a moment of the presentation

Florence, a foundation is born to promote contemporary sacred art
Florence, a foundation is born to promote contemporary sacred art

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