Largest painting on canvas created in Dubai. Artist launches major charity initiative

Sacha Jafri has created the largest painting ever created on canvas in Dubai as part of a major charity initiative.

Artist Sacha Jafri has created the largest painting ever created on canvas in Dubai, launching the international charity Humanity Inspired, with support from UNICEF, UNESCO, along with The Global Gift Foundation, Atlantis - The Palm, Dubai Cares and the UAE government. The work is bidding to break the official record for The Largest Art Canvas, in collaboration with Guinness World Records.

Humanity Inspired aims to raise more than thirty million dollars to connect one billion people around the world, with the goal of bringing the Internet to the neediest communities in the world’s most remote and impoverished regions and creating sustainable Internet-equipped education and health hubs with online learning platforms, medical supplies, health care, vaccines and sanitation within the world’s poorest communities. The project, supported by more than one hundred celebrities from around the world, is based on the slogan Let ’s Paint the World a Different Color and the themes of isolation and connection.

In fact, the initiative aims to show the meaning of isolation and connection through the eyes of a child facing the epidemic and intends to engage tens of millions of children, from more than 140 countries around the world, by inviting them to submit their drawings through

Jafri will introduce their artwork into the first layer of his canvas, inside huge circular portals that will act as windows to portray a better future from a child’s perspective.

The record-breaking painting will be created in the ballroom of theAtlantis -The Palm in Dubai and will be completed by September 10, 2020. Just under 2,000 square meters in size, the work will be unveiled in November 2020 and will then be projected onto the UAE’s most iconic attractions, as well as housed in major museums around the world. After the tour, it will be divided into sixty individually numbered, signed, cataloged, and framed canvases that will be auctioned and sold during a Royal Gala Dinner & Charity Auction scheduled for December 2020, in partnership with The Global Gift Foundation, UNICEF, UNESCO, and Dubai Cares, at the Atlantis, The Palm.

“After a conversation with UNICEF earlier this year,” said the artist, "my eyes were opened to the dramatic fact that some 385 million children live in extreme poverty worldwide and these children are twice as likely to die in childhood. The numbers have nearly doubled in the past four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected communities around the world extinguishing the lives of thousands. However, it has also helped change our mindset, which means a window of opportunity has opened to bring about change.

My Humanity Inspired initiative aims to be a catalyst for real social change through the hearts, minds and souls of the world’s children-a springboard to a better future for all humanity. I wish to connect the world and reconnect humanity to ourselves, to each other and ultimately to the “Soul of the Earth.” My painting, The Journey of Humanity, will support access to better education, health care and connection, as well as create vital funds to support the poorest and neediest areas and regions of our planet. I hope my groundbreaking work will help further support global logistical support for health and sanitation in refugee camps, slums, favelas, townships and the world’s most affected communities."

Largest painting on canvas created in Dubai. Artist launches major charity initiative
Largest painting on canvas created in Dubai. Artist launches major charity initiative

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