Leopardi's Infinity becomes a video poem for the first time

A national premiere presented in Recanati of the short film dedicated to Leopardi's L'Infinito. A videopoem thanks to Massi's pencil and Marcoré's voice.

A national premiere of the video poem dedicated to Leopardi’s L’Infinito was presented in the Cortile di Palazzo Venieri in Recanati: the famous poem, which celebrated its first bicentennial, has become a short film.

The screening took place at the 2020 La Punta della Lingua Festival, but it had already been presented in Croatia for the 10th Supertoon International Animation Festival and, from August 20-24, will be the only work representing Italy at the 18th International Animation Festival in Hiroshima, Japan.

Making the animation is one of the greatest directors of animated cinema, Simone Massi, while Neri Marcoré is the voice acting L’Infinito; the soundtrack is by Stefano Sasso, filming by Julia Gromskaya and post-production by Lola Capote.

In a minute and a half, stories, people and animals bring to life for the first time a video poem dedicated to one of the most famous compositions.

"When I was commissioned the work I was delighted, excited at the idea that the Festival La Punta della Lingua and the Municipality of Recanati thought of me to give shape to Leopardi’s L’Infinito,“ said Simone Massi. ”Right away the problems began, because of the stature of the author more generally because of the realization that poetry does not need images. So I tried to detach myself from the text and tell a small story within the story, letting flow the disturbances and visions that the text still evokes today, two hundred years later."

Leopardi's Infinity becomes a video poem for the first time
Leopardi's Infinity becomes a video poem for the first time

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