Luna Berlusconi jumps on NFTs and creates work on female sensuality

Luna Berlusconi, the granddaughter of the former prime minister, who has been working as an artist since 2017, jumps on NFTs and creates a work dedicated to female sensuality.

Luna Berlusconi, niece of the former Prime Minister, who has been working as an artist since 2017 after abandoning her business career, is also launching herself on NFTs. In fact, on ItaliaNFT, the first marketplace of NFTs dedicated to “Made In Italy,” comes the work Driade - La Divina, Luna Berlusconi’s first NFT, which aims to make itself the bearer of a message addressed to women. The work will be auctioned on the portal on June 14.

The work, ItaliaNFT reports, aims to celebrate the beauty and sensuality of the female body through. The work, based on the artistic interpretation of the digital body of a real person, was created in collaboration with IGOODI, Italy’s first Avatar Company, founded in 2015 by Billy Berlusconi, Luna’s brother, and will be available as a unique piece for auction on ItaliaNFT from June 14. The idea behind this innovative project is that of a woman who wants to speak to all women through art, and decides to do so by means of blockchain, the technology that is also revolutionizing the way digital works are made and certified. In fact, with Driade - La Divina, Luna Berlusconi brings to ItaliaNFT the image of a woman with soft and voluminous forms, sitting on planet Earth, who “encapsulates that search for harmony between the human being and the cosmic balance, between the essence of sensations and that of desires,” the company informs.

“Beauty,” ItaliaNFT writes in a note, “is no longer a dogma made of clichés, it is sensuality that is born and lives from the imperfection that is inherent in every human being. The image of a real woman evolving in her sculptural transfiguration seems to send a crystal-clear message: balance is a thin line on which one must move carefully, remaining true to one’s own being, without letting oneself be influenced by contour and context. In the work, it is the lifeblood, a saving drop running down the avatar’s back, that will provide the necessary energy. A hypnotic NFT that is pure experience of poetry and communication, art and secular culture.” The work is accompanied by an original audio track created by Vittorio Vaccaro using the Duduk, an Armenian instrument of the woodwind family that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. “The Duduk is capable of moving and I had no doubts in choosing to give voice to this work of art that becomes NFT with its warm sound,” the author explains. “A primal sound that in thirty seconds accompanies the creation of the NFT artwork.”

Luna Berlusconi’s drop comes after a series of releases such as the Giro d’Italia NFTs and the Heroes Festival 2022 drop, an original artwork created by Elisa in collaboration with Andy of Bluvertigo that gave users of the platform a chance to give concrete help to the environment.

Luna Berlusconi was born in Milan on August 2, 1975. She became passionate about art during a stay in the United States in 1996 and, after returning to Italy, except for returning to Milan, abandoning her artistic vocation and deciding to devote herself to her family and business career. In 2017, Luan Berlusconi returned to painting, experimenting with the use of enamel and magnet on board, which would become her favorite materials. Returning to work as an artist, she made the decision to abandon her entrepreneurial career to devote herself entirely to art. In 2018, at the Fuorisalone, she goes on stage with MecenArt Expo, and later in the group exhibition Arti Insolite in Lajatico, dedicated to the critic Gillo Dorfles. In 2019 he exhibits at the Salone del Mobile and at Artisti, an exhibition that brings together the works of the artists featured in the Contemporary Art Yearbook, and then arrives at his personal debut with his first solo show, Luna Nuova, in collaboration with the Maimeri Foundation. In 2021 for the exhibition Francesco Vaccarone 80x80, he exhibited his work Divina as the ultimate exaltation of the sensuality of women. He closed 2021 by exhibiting at ArtePadova and with several solo shows, in Rome and Milan, such as Physiognomy, at the Big Santa Marta space, proposing his latest collection of portraits.

Luna Berlusconi jumps on NFTs and creates work on female sensuality
Luna Berlusconi jumps on NFTs and creates work on female sensuality

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