Ministry of Culture, heads of four new departments appointed

The Council of Ministers has decided on the appointments of the heads of the four new departments of the Ministry of Culture, introduced in Minister Sangiuliano's reorganization. Here are who they are.

The Council of Ministers yesterday, July 3, at the proposal of Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, resolved four important appointments for the management and enhancement of Italy’s cultural heritage: in fact, the heads of new departments introduced by the current minister as part of his reform of the ministry were appointed. The appointments include the appointment of four senior managers, each with a specific area of responsibility, and follow up on the reorganization of the MiC that came into effect on May 18.

The four departments are DIAG - Department for General Administration, DIT - Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, DIVA - Department for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage , and DIAC - Department for Cultural Activities. General-level executive offices will depend on each of these departments.

Appointed to head the Department for General Administration is Paolo D’Angeli, a top executive, who will bring his experience in the administrative management of the Minister. Romano, born in 1967, has been an executive in the General Budget Directorate from 2019 to the present. Leading the Department for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage goes Alfonsina Russo. A native of Lecce, born in 1959, she has been an archaeology executive since 2009 and is the current director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park. She will be responsible for strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting and enhancing Italy’s rich cultural heritage, making it accessible to an increasingly wide public.

Heading the Department for Cultural Activities goes Mario Turetta: born in Alpignano (Turin) in 1958, he has been director general of Education, Research and Cultural Institutes since 2020 and was also previously, from 2015 to 2019 director of the Consortium of Royal Savoy Residences (formerly the Consortium for Cultural Valorization La Venaria Reale), as well as, from 2019 to 2020, director general of Cinema and Audiovisual. He has worked at the Ministry of Culture since 2002. Finally, the head of the Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage is Luigi La Rocca. A second-ranking executive, born in Naples in 1967, he was director general of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape and also headed the Special Superintendency for the PNRR.

Image: the Collegio Romano, headquarters of the Ministry of Culture. Photo: Finestre Sull’Arte

Ministry of Culture, heads of four new departments appointed
Ministry of Culture, heads of four new departments appointed

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