Monreale, restoration of the Benedictine Cloister kicks off

Work on the consolidation, restoration and removal of architectural barriers at the Benedictine Cloister of Monreale has begun.

Work on consolidation, restoration and removal of architectural barriers in the Benedictine Cloister of Monreale is starting. The interventions are scheduled to be completed within a year and are financed by the Musumeci government with funds from the Po Fesr 2014/2020, for a net contractual amount of 492,884.12 euros (amount of works 790,109.42 euros, of which 715,343.69 euros are for works on the basis of auction subject to rebate).

The project will focus on the Cloister, fulcrum of the monumental complex of the Cathedral and Monastery of Monreale, and is due to the Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Palermo, with the scientific collaboration of the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo.

The Cloister, a square-shaped hortus conclusus with arcades, small columns and mosaic decorations and phytomorphic motifs, is one of the most famous places in the Sicilian city. The work will involve the roofs of the porticoes of the cloister with remedial work on the structures. It is also planned to decommission the Roman-style flat tiles and the underlying conglomerate screed that results in heavier loads on the pitches, as well as transmitted to the columns and capitals. The intervention will make it possible to observe and assess the state of preservation of the chestnut wood beams, resting on one side on the entablature and on the other side on the ambit wall that perimeters the Cloister.

Cleaning and consolidation of damaged sculptural parts are then planned. Access to the Cloister from Piazza Guglielmo II will be revisited with a view to theremoval of architectural barriers: the steps will be moved to make space for the insertion of an elevating platform. And the re-roofing of the southern pitch of the former Dormitory, with special attention to restoring the waterproofing. Finally, plaster checks will be carried out, with possible restoration, and maintenance of the exterior fixtures.

“We are bringing to completion important upgrading works on one of the precious pieces of the Norman monumental complex, among the places most frequented by tourists from all over the world,” said the Councilor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, Alberto Samonà.


Monreale, restoration of the Benedictine Cloister kicks off
Monreale, restoration of the Benedictine Cloister kicks off

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