Naples, National Archaeological Museum sets record: 673,000 visitors in 2019

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples has set a new attendance record.

In 2019, 673,000 visitors admired the works on display at MANN, bringing a 10 percent increase over the attendance recorded in 2018. This is the highest number of visitors ever recorded in the history of the museum. Of note, in addition, are the 8,000 subscribers to the Open MANN card.

“We can increasingly call ourselves ’the National Archaeological Museum,’ the first in the country as an attractive force, guardian of classical antiquity and ambassador of Italy to the world,” commented Paolo Giulierini, the museum’s director, proudly. "Our treasures, mostly from the endless repositories, have been admired this year on all continents by 4 million people, from Russia to the United States and China, thanks to a policy that brings us into daily dialogue with the largest international institutions. In 2020 we will also be a testimonial at the Tokyo Olympics. Returning to Naples, which is experiencing a happy moment for tourism, precisely by virtue of being the widely visited public museum we have focused a lot on the network with the many Extramann sites. The goal is to grow together, and the results are already being seen. Thanks are due to the Campania Region for supporting important exhibitions such as Canova and antiquity and to the General Directorate of Museums of the Mibact. We have worked this year with eight construction sites open, to build a more beautiful MANN that is 100 percent usable, and even in these festive days there has been no stop to the work of refurbishing the Pompeian Rooms."

In 2020, as Giulierini stated, we will see the new prehistoric section, the Lascaux caves for the first time in Italy, the Etruscans at the Mann and the great Gladiators exhibition.

We would like to remind you that the exhibition Thalassa, submerged wonders from the Mediterranean, for which we refer you to the news, is underway at MANN.

Ph credit: MANN

Naples, National Archaeological Museum sets record: 673,000 visitors in 2019
Naples, National Archaeological Museum sets record: 673,000 visitors in 2019

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