Open call for the new edition of NESXT, an independent art production project

Until May 30, 2018, you can participate in the open call for the third edition of NESXT to be held in Turin, Italy, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 4.

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 4, 2018, the third edition of the NESXT festival will be held in Turin, Italy, the interdisciplinary project born in 2016 dedicated to independent artistic production; a wide range of experiences explored through a festival, an observatory and a network of partnerships to get to know the actors of the emerging and avant-garde scene.
The protagonists will be artists, curators, critics, historians, researchers, professionals and practitioners from different fields and disciplines brought together in associations, collectives, and collaborations.

During the project, Turin’s cultural spaces will offer through exhibitions, meetings and performances, projects realized by artistic and cultural realities with national and international actors. A program of live, performances and workshops open to any form of contamination that will animate the Turin territory.

For the new edition of NESXT a call has been launched, active from March 30 to May 30, 2018, through which ten independent Italian projects will be selected by the NESXT scientific committee, composed of Olga Gambari, Lorenzo Balbi, Serena Carbone, Pietro Gaglianò, Elena Motisi for The Independent, MAXXI, Alessandra Pioselli and Marco Scotini.

Each of the ten projects will be offered a budget of 500 euros and a physical space to manage.

To participate in the call it is necessary to submit a project understood in the broader nature of work-work-installation-performance-exhibition that must be the result of a cultural and thought process.

Factors evaluated with regard to the project will be new ways of relating, observing and interacting between work and space, work and audience, artist and society, as well as independence understood as the proposal of new horizons of research and experimentation.

Comparisons will also be planned in the coming months with some of NESXT’s partners, with whom project collaborations are active, such as MAMbo - Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna and MAXXI in Rome: with the former a talk is planned in September as part of the exhibition THAT’S IT! On the latest generation of artists in Italy and six feet across the border, with the second a focus dedicated to The Independent, where the protagonists will be some independent groups selected by NESXT and collaboration on the next issue of the Garibaldi journal online at

With theAlbertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, collaboration continues through a training project on aspects of curating, reporting and exhibition design.

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Open call for the new edition of NESXT, an independent art production project
Open call for the new edition of NESXT, an independent art production project

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