Paestum Temple of Peace: excavation campaign concluded with news

Excavation campaign of the Temple of Peace in Paestum Archaeological Park concluded. News emerges on sculptural decoration.

The excavation campaign at the Temple of Peace in the Paestum Archaeological Park has concluded: excavations on the Roman cult building that had left so many questions, such as the precise chronology of the various phases of construction and the relationship with the forum layout, were directed by Professor Jon Albers of theUniversity of Bochum in Germany with the participation of students and doctoral students from his university and other universities.

Among the most significant elements that have emerged during the latest excavations is an older construction found under the temple altar, oriented slightly differently from the Roman-era altar and in line with Greek temples, which may indicate an earlier phase of worship in this area. In addition, a fragment of a travertine head was discovered from excavations inside the temple podium, which would testify to the rich sculptural decoration that adorned the capitals of the Temple of Peace, which stands among the Doric monuments of the Magna-Greek city.

"Whoever built this temple had to deal with the tradition of Greek sacred architecture, which precisely in the Doric temples of Paestum found one of its highest expressions; this could explain some stylistic peculiarities of the most recent building and its sculptural decoration. We are talking about a temple with Corinthian columns and figured capitals and a Doric frieze, which is somewhat anomalous," Prof. Albers said.

Satisfied is the director of the Paestum Archaeological Park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel: “In addition to the various universities in Campania, we have important collaborations with foreign universities that make the site an international center for archaeological research. An excavation by the University of Salerno in the Sanctuary of Athena is also currently underway, and the stratigraphic excavations promoted by the Archaeological Park in the housing district are starting, which, as always, will be open to the public. Our mission consists, in my opinion, precisely in this: to make archaeological research dialogue with the general public.”

Pictured is the Temple of Peace

Paestum Temple of Peace: excavation campaign concluded with news
Paestum Temple of Peace: excavation campaign concluded with news

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