Sangallo crucifix restored

Wooden Sangallo Crucifix restored thanks to Friends of Florence Foundation.

Restored Sangallo wooden crucifix in collaboration with Friends of Florence.

The work is owned by theAccademia delle Arti e del Disegno.

About two and a half years of restoration work to “allow the work to return to its original legibility and to tell a piece of its history that without the restoration would have been impossible to know,” said Friend of Florence Foundation President Simonetta Brandolini d’Adda.

“The original polychromy was not visible, as it was entirely concealed by an irrelevant, brown, altered repainting. The first problem presented by the Crucifix was the securing of the pictorial layers affected by widespread and severe lifting phenomena, issues that led to an in-depth study of the environmental conditions that occurred during its conservation history, in order to identify its genesis. The 3D scanning and X-ray radiography conducted on the Christ provided valuable information and made it possible to identify the various wooden elements that make up the sculpture,” commented restorer Francesca Spagnoli.

Source: Ansa - Gonews - Quinews Florence

Photo credit: Gonews

Sangallo crucifix restored
Sangallo crucifix restored

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