The first permanent arena for multimedia shows is about to open in Gorica. The first one on Van Gogh

The EmotionHall arena, the first permanent arena for multimedia exhibitions and shows in Italy, will open in Gorizia when the emergency is over. It will debut with an immersive experience on Van Gogh.

The multimedia show Van Gogh Immersive Art Experience is being prepared. The Dream, which will inaugurate EmotionHall new permanent immersive “arena” located in Villesse (Gorizia) at the Meeting Place Tiare Shopping center: the EmotionHall exhibition and space will open as soon as it is possible (the organizers’ hope is to open it by January 2021). Moreover, the immersive EmotionHall arena is the first one specially built in Italy to host multimedia events and will be dedicated to culture and entertainment.

The project was previewed with a video on Facebook, in which Giuliana Boiano (Director Meeting Place Tiare Shopping), Stefano Fake of “The Fake Factory” (curator of the immersive exhibition on van Gogh), Nicola Bustreo (Artistic Director of EmotionHall), Federico Cautero (CEO and Creative Director of 4DODO, a reality that was in charge of the design and installation of the hardware and software of the sophisticated immersive multimedia audio-video system) spoke.

The multimedia exhibition Van Gogh Immersive Art Experience. The Dream, was conceived, as anticipated, by Stefano Fake, an Italian contemporary artist and video maker, and Nicola Bustreo, curator and Artistic Director of EmotionHall: it was already “set up” and ready to be visited on Saturday, Nov. 7, but progressive national and regional regulations introduced since October to curb the spread of Covid19 forced the organizers to postpone it. It is a multimedia and interactive journey of about 50 minutes among 75 of Vincent van Gogh ’s major works that come to life around the visitor, realizing through technology what the Dutch painter wanted to do in his art through the use of color: move away from the naturalistic rendering of painting to go beyond the image itself and refer to deeper, more intensely existential meanings.

EmotionHall, on the other hand, is a permanent immersive arena of nearly 2,000 square meters, in which real and virtual meet to offer the public experiences that promise to be highly immersive, thanks to audio and video technologies and “container” spaces that can be set up and reconfigured for exhibitions, musical events, dance and acting classes and internships, and food and wine events.

“The live enjoyment of an immersive exhibition,” says Giuliana Boiano, “remains irreplaceable, as it is intrinsically linked to the advanced technologies that make it possible to animate 360° the works of the artist to whom the project is dedicated and to give life to a special emotional relationship with the visitor, impossible to recreate in the same way at home. We look forward to finally being able to open wide the doors of this new world and way of experiencing art of ours, which we believe will be able to excite the public, perhaps even more powerfully, given this prolonged wait. We hope to be able to announce opening dates and times as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, EmotionHall has planned to make sure that the ticket for Van Gogh Immersive Art Experience. The Dream can be chosen as an original gift idea: at the Tiare Shopping Infopoint, you can purchase a gift card dedicated to the exhibition to be used later, when opening dates and times can be confirmed (under future national and regional regulations), to buy tickets for the exhibition also at the Infopoint.

The first permanent arena for multimedia shows is about to open in Gorica. The first one on Van Gogh
The first permanent arena for multimedia shows is about to open in Gorica. The first one on Van Gogh

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