A website is born to discover craft villages in Tuscany. Artex launches it

The "Craft Villages" project is born: a site to discover the villages of ancient crafts in Tuscany. Artex launches it.

A series of itineraries to discover the villages in Tuscany that have a great tradition of handicrafts: this is the meaning of the I borghi dell’artigianato project, an Artex initiative designed to promote proximity tourism in Tuscany. I borghi dell’artigianato is a series of itineraries to discover little-known places, wrongly labeled as “minor,” where the region’s artisan heritage can be found. To get to know them, simply log on to www.toscana.artour.it where you can find all the itineraries in the villages to learn about their history, culture, and the tradition of the many artisan workshops that keep the ancient crafts alive.

From stone carving in Pietrasanta to alabaster in Volterra, from wood carving in Anghiari to tuff work in Sorano and Sovana, there are several itineraries: at the moment there are six online, but other routes will be added periodically until the end of the year.

“This is an unusual summer and so will be the fall,” emphasizes Artex president Giovanni Lamioni. “The pandemic of Covid 19 has had a strong impact on the mentality of people who are now driven to search for alternative places than the centers of big cities: it is an opportunity to be seized to boost slow tourism in the lesser-known areas of Tuscany, enhancing through the presence of visitors also the trades of tradition and the work of artisan workshops. Our platform proposes a cultural and experiential tourism alternative to the big traditional tourist destinations and points the way to rethink a way of doing tourism that with the Coronavirus epidemic has entered a crisis. It is an innovative and alternative way to discover the charm of Tuscany through artistic and traditional crafts, to enhance the historical, cultural, social and economic content of our workshops.”

“Summer at the time of Covid,” says Stefano Ciuoffo, regional councillor for productive activities and tourism, “is a summer dedicated to the rediscovery of our territory. There is no need to travel miles to find oneself immersed in iconic landscapes and towns with a daily life still tied to their traditions. Traditions that are well represented by artisans, where artistic craftsmanship is at the highest level and often known beyond borders. These itinerary proposals go in this direction: discovering a place through those who live and work there, under the banner of an authentic experience. Authentic and safe.”

Pictured: Pietrasanta, Piazza del Duomo.

A website is born to discover craft villages in Tuscany. Artex launches it
A website is born to discover craft villages in Tuscany. Artex launches it

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