Palermo, Uwe Jäntsch's "Uwe loves you" work, a symbol of the Vucciria, is in danger of disappearing

The writing 'Uwe loves you', a well-known work by Austrian artist Uwe Jäntsch that has become a symbol of the Vucciria, may disappear in Palermo. Here's why.

The inscription “Uwe loves you,” by Austrian artist Uwe Jäntsch (Wasserburg am Bodensee, 1970), which for years has stood out on the facade of Palazzo Lo Mazzarino, at the center of Piazza Garraffello, in the heart of Palermo’s Vucciria, is in danger of disappearing. In fact, the building is at the center of a project to restore the square, which has been in a state of disrepair for years, and during the work the inscription could be erased. The work, created in 2007, was intended to symbolize the artist’s attachment to the city and its neighborhood, and over the years it has become one of the symbols of the Vucciria and of the very production of an artist who, with his art, has long struggled to denounce the degradation of the neighborhood and the negligence of those who should have taken care of it. A writing, the artist expressly stated in an interview, that refers to the “lack of love in our city.”

Jäntsch published on his blog the letter in which the administrator of the Lo Mazzarino Palace Condominium invites him, if interested in its preservation, “to remove the writing in red paint that you affixed on the elevation of the Palace,” within the period of 15 days from the receipt of the communication, since interventions cannot be delayed. “Otherwise,” the administrator points out, “the same will be removed and irreparably damaged by the workers, which is why all responsibility will be disclaimed.”

The artist, who has not lived in Italy for more than a year, also published a reply, which bears his and his partner Costanza Lanza di Scalea’s signatures, which states that “given that the Construction Management of the building site of the condominium intends to put its hand to the restoration of the elevation of the Palazzo Lo Mazzarino - a historical architectural asset included in the EPP of the Historic Center of Palermo - it is appropriate that the construction management MAKE PUBLIC [capitals are from the original, ed.], with the relevant approvals and opinions of the PREPOSED ENTITIES certifying the NULLAOSTA to intervene on the elevation of the Palazzo Lo Mazzarino.” As for the work, the letter concludes, Uwe Jäntsch states, “I will protect myself according to the law in the appropriate venues.”

Developments in the matter are currently unknown.

Pictured is Palazzo Lo Mazzarino with the inscription “Uwe loves you.” Ph. Credit Salvatore Ciambra

Palermo, Uwe Jäntsch's
Palermo, Uwe Jäntsch's "Uwe loves you" work, a symbol of the Vucciria, is in danger of disappearing

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