Milan, at Canesso Gallery works by Hayez, Vela and Gola

To pay homage to Milan and Brera, Galleria Canesso offers the public a selection of works by three great artists associated with Milan's 19th century: Francesco Hayez, Vincenzo Vela and Emilio Gola.

From Oct. 21 to Dec. 15, 2022, Milan ’s Galleria Canesso will present a selection of works by three great artists of the Italian 19th century: Francesco Hayez (Venice, 1791 - Milan, 1882), Vincenzo Vela (Ligornetto, 1820 - 1891) and Emilio Gola (Milan, 1851 - 1923), among the most acclaimed and celebrated of their respective generations. In the venue at 24 Via Borgonuovo, Maurizio Canesso will present three paintings by Hayez, a Dante sculpted by Vela and a youthful Self-portrait by Gola.

In this way, Galleria Canesso wants to pay homage to the city and the neighborhood, that of Brera, which have been hosting its Italian headquarters for the past year. This exhibition is thus an opportunity to bring attention back to masterpieces linked since their origin to these very places: three of the works on display were presented at the Esposizioni di Belle Arti di Brera and della Permanente between 1844 and 1880, in decades that were fundamental for the construction of the cultural but also political identity of the city and the country.

The cultural narrative kicks off with a painting with a historical-operatic theme: Hayez’s Marin Faliero, commissioned by one of La Scala’s best-known palchettisti, Enrico Taccioli, following La Scala’s first performances of Gaetano Donizetti’s opera of the same name. Because of the richness of its details, the vividness of its colors and the variety of its expressions, the canvas was a great success from its first exhibition at Brera in 1844. In 1870 Vela’s Dante, a sculpture of the finest workmanship and strong Risorgimento significance, arrived at the Permanente, and finally, ten years later, Emilio Gola exhibited his Self-portrait again at Brera, a splendid pictorial example of the cultural climate of the Scapigliatura movement.

A section of the exhibition will then be devoted to the Bergamo painter Enrico Scuri (Bergamo, 1805-1884), whose Self-portrait (1856) and a Study for the fresco of the dome of Santa Maria delle Grazie (1863) in Bergamo will be offered. One of the leading figures on the Bergamo painting scene in the 19th century, Scuri was made an honorary member of the Brera Academy and was a longtime director of the Accademia Carrara.

For information, visit the Canesso Gallery website.

Image: Francesco Hayez, Marin Faliero

Milan, at Canesso Gallery works by Hayez, Vela and Gola
Milan, at Canesso Gallery works by Hayez, Vela and Gola

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