Auctions Dec. 9-15: contemporary art, antique furniture and more

As every Wednesday, our auction column returns. Let's look at the submissions from December 9 to 15.

Today we will look at the auctions taking place from December 9 to 15 with our auction column.

Farsetti is offering Auction No. 201 - I Contemporary Art on Dec. 11 and 12, which offers for sale works such as Carlo Carrà ’s L’ovale delle apparizioni and Marino Marini ’s Bunter Reiter II, and Auction No. 201 - II Modern Art on Dec. 12.

Pananti Gallery will hold two auctions on Saturday, Dec. 12: AUTHORS OF THE 19th AND 20th SEC - I / AUCTION 149 and MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART - II / AUCTION 149 featuring works by artists who lived in the 20th century.

If you are looking for real estate and furniture items, Maison Bibelot is running until Dec. 16 the Arredi e Dipinti di Palazzo al Bosco and from other private provenances auction that sells, among other things, a pair of walnut armchairs highlighted in gold, a large white wood library spiral staircase and a psyche mirror.

The Modern Art auction to be held by Arcadia on Monday, Dec. 12, features several works of art including Achille Sdruscia ’s View of Rome and Carlo Levi’s Still Life.

Many auctions are scheduled for the coming days at Christie’s: on Dec. 9 there will be Valuable Books and Manuscripts, on Dec. 10 are scheduled Art d’Asie and The Joe Setton Collection: from Pre-Raphaelites to Last Romantics, Finest and Rarest Wines and Spirits, Featuring Three Superb Private Collections will be held on Dec. 10 and 11, also on Dec. 11 are Design and Important Tiffany from the Collection of Mary M. and Robert M. Montgomery, Jr, while on Dec. 13 it will be the turn of 160ème Vente des vins des Hospices de Beaune.

Sothesby’s will also hold many auctions in the coming days: on December 10 there will be A TREASURY OF VERTU: Important Gold Boxes from a Private Family Collection, Old Masters Evening Sale, Important Design and Dreaming in Glass: Masterworks by Tiffany Studios, Dec. 11 will be the turn of the Arts d’Asie and American Art auctions, Dec. 12 will be Vine | The Cellar of the Intrepid Sam Lieber & More, Dec. 14 will be the auction A Grand Vision: The David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams Masterworks, and finally on December 15 there are the auctions Vine | Featuring A Great Classic Cellar & A Brilliant Bordeaux Collection and Important Watches.

Pictured: Carlo Carrà, Marina (1941; oil on canvas board, 40 x 49.8 cm)

Auctions Dec. 9-15: contemporary art, antique furniture and more
Auctions Dec. 9-15: contemporary art, antique furniture and more

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