Carrara, Galileo Chini's stained glass windows shine at the Academy of Fine Arts

Carrara, inaugurated the restoration of Galileo Chini's stained glass windows at the Academy of Fine Arts. Meanwhile, work continues on the premises and the creation of the guidebook.

Held today at theAcademy of Fine Arts in Carrara, in front of a large audience that flocked to the event, was the inauguration of the restoration of the historic stained glass windows of Galileo Chini’s manufacture, made for the Carrara institution between 1925 and 1927. The work was conducted thanks to the generous funding of theFriends of the Academy of Fine Arts Association, which also received a contribution from the Marble Foundation, eager to support a project that enhances the Academy and rehabilitates a portion of it that was suffering from severe deterioration. The ceremony was held in the presence of the president of the Academy, Giancarlo Casani, director Luciano Massari, the president of the Association, Lina Sicari, and architect Corrado Lattanzi, who explained the history of the stained glass windows as well as the steps of the restoration.

Galileo Chini, one of the most important artists of early 20th century Italy, was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the then Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara as early as 1912: the artist, together with his Borgo San Lorenzo manufactory, made several interventions in the city of marble at the time, enriching private buildings with wrought iron, ceramics, furniture and, of course, colored or painted stained glass windows inspired by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance but set in the context of the artistic renewal that distinguished Europe at the time. These interventions include the stained-glass windows that adorn the Academy’s transept, the body that unites the building’s two nuclei (the Malaspina Fortress and the Prince’s Palace), and which were made at a time when the Academy underwent a series of modernization works desired by then-president Adolfo Angeli.

In parallel with the restoration of the stained glass windows, the apparatus housing the windows also underwent restoration: a large white marble triforium, made in the same years. The work, designed by the Association, was conducted by the firm Moscon d’Oro of Florence (for the stained glass windows) and Miriam Ricci (for the marbles). “They are symbolic elements of the Academy’s artistic and cultural richness,” says President Lina Sicari, “and we are happy to have been able to contribute to their restoration by restoring them to their original splendor together with specialized restorers, Miriam Ricci for the marbles and the firm Moscon d’Oro of Florence for the stained glass, assisted by San Colombano Costruzioni, Apice trasporti and the advice of Architect Corrado Lattanzi. The Friends of the Academy are proud to have been partners with the Institute for over twenty years and to collaborate in its enhancement.”

Meanwhile, restoration work continues on the premises of the Academy of Fine Arts (starting with the imposing Great Hall), which in a short time will deliver to Carrara a completely renovated, functional, welcoming institute, ready to open to the city (and beyond) as never before. The Friends of the Academy, on the other hand, are preparing a new guide to the Academy, in collaboration with the institute’s faculty, with the hope that citizens and businesspeople can join together in a work that is sure to be of interest for the enhancement of Carrara’s artistic and cultural heritage. Around the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, therefore, there is a great ferment that continues to materialize in actions of great worth and value.

In the three images: the restored stained glass windows (ph. credit Finestre sull’Arte), Galileo Chini’s appointment as honorary professor, and one of the stained glass windows during restoration work (ph. credit Associazione Amici dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara)

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Carrara, Galileo Chini's stained glass windows shine at the Academy of Fine Arts
Carrara, Galileo Chini's stained glass windows shine at the Academy of Fine Arts

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