GoDigital: the Royal Museums of Turin launch a major digital innovation project

GoDigital!, a digital innovation project that will technologically transform Turin's museums, starts at the Royal Museums of Turin.

With the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the SWITCH_Strategies and Tools for Digital Transformation in Culture call, the Royal Museums of Turin have launched a plan for innovation and digital transformation that will lead to very important changes for the public and museum staff in the coming years.

The GoDigital! project, selected through two separate phases from more than forty applications, will enable the adoption of new tools and technologies, as well as a rethinking of digital visitor services, designed to bring the user to the center of the museums’ actions, through a new model of interaction, from an omni-channel perspective. Digital transformation and the new needs arising from the health emergency require museums to develop new listening skills, establishing an empathetic relationship with the public, capable of offering opportunities for trust, well-being and recovery for all, including through the development of ideas and projects with high inclusive and participatory content.

Technological solutions will include the implementation of a free WI-FI in the Royal Gardens, innovative digital signage to orient visitors on their way through the Museums, and totems for surveying enjoyment and satisfaction. On the digital side, a new website will be created, with more services and content, and a web app to accompany the public during the visit, enriched with elements of augmented reality and gamification.

All this is, however, only the tip of the iceberg of a deeper and more lasting change that will involve the entire Royal Museums work team. The proper application of digital strategy within an organization also requires a rethinking and adjustment of the organizational model and internal processes.

This organizational rethinking starts with a capacity building plan that is revolutionary for a public institution. In the coming months, in fact, all staff will be involved along a path of new awareness and engagement based on self-management methodologies. An important cultural change as well, involving all workers in personal and organizational growth.

The Royal Museums, like many major foreign museum institutions, is also aiming for data-driven governance capable of guiding strategic choices and decisions. For this, an adjustment of internal processes is also planned, which will be supported by integrated applications and constant data monitoring.

The GoDigital! project, developed together with coMwork, the technological partner of the Royal Museums of Turin since 2018, includes the involvement of several partners: Ribes Solutions and Visivalab for web app and gaming development, with the support of the Council for the Enhancement of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin, and Nethics for the development of the new website.

Photo credit: Guida Torino

GoDigital: the Royal Museums of Turin launch a major digital innovation project
GoDigital: the Royal Museums of Turin launch a major digital innovation project

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