Palazzo Franchetti reopens June 10 and presents the masters of the 20th century

From June 10, Palazzo Franchetti in Venice will again be open to the public. On display are the great masters of the 20th century.

Palazzo Franchetti in Venice reopens June 10 and presents on view the masters of the twentieth century, from Giorgio De Chirico to Giorgio Morandi, from Giacomo Balla to René Magritte and Paul Delvaux, from Paul Klee to Franz Kline, from Joan Miró to Leoncillo and Marino Marini. An exhibition that aims to recount the protagonists of the last century through a series of works interpreted in their own words.

The Twentieth Century at Palazzo Franchetti is proposed as a journey among important and rarely seen works, but above all an opportunity to reflect on art and its future through the protagonists of the 20th century.

Beginning with Morandi’s still lifes and landscapes and an interview with the artist in The Voice of America in 1957, we come to the speed and movement of Balla and Severini. The colors of Miró’s canvases counterbalance the calm art of Klee, who is present with Die Rolle from 1930, made during his final years of teaching at the Bauhaus. Magritte’s iconic masterpieces bring out the painter’s enigmatic nature. We then move on to abstraction, with Abstract Expressionism and the Informal. The exhibition concludes with the revolution of the 1960s and Andy Warhol.

In the garden of Palazzo Franchetti, overlooking the Grand Canal, Roberto Sebastian Matta’s totems.

The exhibition venue is open by appointment only. Admission is free and includes a guided tour at a cost of 7 euros per person. For reservations, call +39 333 1012415 or email indicating your preferred days and times. The Palace will contact back to confirm all details for access to the exhibitions.

The maximum number of visitors in the museum spaces is ten people at a time. Mandatory mask and interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

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Palazzo Franchetti reopens June 10 and presents the masters of the 20th century
Palazzo Franchetti reopens June 10 and presents the masters of the 20th century

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