For the exhibition on Boldini and fashion in Ferrara great success and positive accounts

For the exhibition 'Boldini and Fashion' held in Ferrara, Palazzo dei Diamanti, great success with the public and positive accounts. All the numbers of the Ferrara exhibition.

The exhibition Boldini and Fashion, the show that ran until last June 2 in Ferrara’s Palazzo dei Diamanti(here is our review), closes its doors with public success and positive accounts. A total of 84,673 visitors came to visit the exhibition during its 107 days of opening (daily average of 791 tickets detached). Of these, 22,537 were pre-sold (14,771 over the phone through reservationists): 13,830 visitors organized in groups, including 8,608 adults and 5,222 students, used the pre-sale service. Individuals purchased 8,707 tickets through presale, of which 7,766 were purchased online and 941 over the phone. Presales were made through Vivaticket and Musement channels. Another significant figure on tickets is that of the collaboration with the National Art Gallery of Ferrara, with which an integrated ticket was activated: 2,323 were detached for the Boldini exhibition. There were 283 organized guided tours for groups booked through thePalazzo dei Diamanti’s Information and Reservations Office, with a total of nearly 6,000 people interested, including school and adult groups.

From the Palazzo dei Diamanti, they go on to say that public satisfaction was high. Interviews were conducted with a sample of 3,583 visitors (4.23 percent of the total audience). The positive ratings (99.11 percent) were higher than those of the exhibitions that had so far had the highest ratings sealed, namely the one on Courbet (98.54 percent) and the one on Orlando furioso (98.78 percent). The audience is mostly local: 53.98 percent of visitors come from Emilia Romagna, followed by Veneto (16.08 percent) and Lombardy (7.79 percent). Foreigners make up 3.21% of the sample, with preponderance of French and Swiss visitors. The city from which the largest number of visitors come is Ferrara (20.46%) followed by Bologna (16.77%), Ravenna (4.69%), Modena (4.30%) and Padua (4.55%). Milan and Rome both stand at 2.62 percent. The public learned about the exhibition mainly through advertising in newspapers and magazines (17.78%), a channel followed by websites (15.6%), reports from acquaintances (15.13%), newsletters from Palazzo dei Diamanti (11.36%), posters and playbills (10.35%), and articles and reviews in newspapers and magazines (10.10%). First-time visitors to the Palazzo dei Diamanti are on the rise: “baptism” for 26.26% of visitors (+5% compared to the previous exhibition). The exhibition audience then visited the city’s other museums (60.06% of the sample visited other institutions, and in addition, 36.53% of those who had never visited them expressed their intention to do so). Of the visitors, 79.73% went to Ferrara specifically for the exhibition (and 18.89% of the latter stayed overnight in the city or province for one or more nights, mostly in hotels, a facility that attracts 61.76% of the visitors who come from outside: followed by bed and breakfasts with 24.06%, private homes with 9.63%, camper vans with 2.94% and agritourisms with 1.34%).

Particularly appreciated and participated in, communicates Palazzo dei Diamanti again, were also the educational and cultural proposals, intended not only for students, but also for families, teachers, professionals and enthusiasts, and realized with the support of Eni, thanks to the involvement of associations and city institutions that worked together with the scientific and organizational staff of the Ferrara Arte foundation and the Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Considerable interest was shown in the conference presenting the exhibition to teachers (245 attendees), the refresher meetings for guides from Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto (203 participants), and the lectures of the Being and Appearing cycle dedicated to some of the protagonists of the universe told by the exhibition, which were attended by 519 spectators, the presentations of the review given by the curators at different cities, such as Bologna, Modena, Padua, Ravenna, Mantua and Rovigo (548 total attendance) and the concert organized on the occasion of the exhibition by Progetto Lauter and Ferrara Musica (850 attendance), for a total of 2.365 presences.

Ferrara Arte then became the promoter of the Boldini and the City initiative that, by involving various economic, tourist and cultural realities of the city, aimed to integrate the exhibition into the creative and productive fabric of the city. Ascom, CNA, Confesercenti and the Visit Ferrara Consortium joined the project, with the technological and digital partnership of Elenos and 22HBG. The proposed initiatives ranged from reciprocal discounting between the exhibition and commercial establishments, to the creation of Boldini-inspired artifacts by artistic, creative and fashion workshops, to the installation of digital voice devices at accommodation facilities, originating, in synergy with the local tourism consortium, a cutting-edge mode of promotion and information that represents a new frontier of territorial marketing. A total of 68 economic, tourist and cultural entities have joined the project. To promote the initiative, more than 21,000 information maps (an average of 1 for every 4 visitors) were distributed at the exhibition ticket office, showing all the businesses and facilities that joined the project.

Finally, data on theeconomic performance of the exhibition. A total of 1,292,654.57 euros was spent to realize it. The net income of the exhibition was 1,290,505.31 euros, and to this must be added the 170,000 euros raised through sponsorships and the 100,000 euro contribution from the Emilia Romagna Region. As for the catalog, 4,983 copies were sold, an average of one for every 18 visitors. The exhibition guidebook marked 6,626 sales (one for every 11 visitors).

In the photo: a room of the exhibition

For the exhibition on Boldini and fashion in Ferrara great success and positive accounts
For the exhibition on Boldini and fashion in Ferrara great success and positive accounts

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