Ischia, street art exposes pollution of the seas

The urban center of Ischia is invaded by Poster Art from #SeaToLove Edition Street Art File Print: street art to denounce pollution of the seas.

Until July 15, 2020, the urban center of Ischia is invaded by the Poster Art of #SeaToLove Edition Street Art File Print, the urban art project through which it aims to denounce pollution of the seas.

In the six municipalities of the island, namely Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno, Serrara Fontana, Barano, Forio and Ischia Porto, poster art works by six artists (Qwerty, Haterisk, Antonino Perrotta aka Attorep, Annalisa Grassano, Samuele Vesuvio and Larva) have been spread in urban spaces.

Promoted by Ischia Street Art Gallery with the support of theArea Marina Protetta Regno di Nettuno (Neptune’s Kingdom Marine Protected Area), which has been fighting for years for the protection and enhancement of the island’s sea, Street Art File Print #SeaToLove intends to denounce marine pollution and the abuse of contaminants, which fill our seas with toxic waste, through the posting of artistic posters that address issues related to environmental protection.

In addition, within Ischia Street Art Gallery, an exhibition of poster art that brings together all the projects submitted by the artists who have joined the initiative can be visited and is accessible to all during the gallery’s opening hours.

Qwerty has created Keep your soul which is meant to signify that the world changes when codes change; “I drown in this plastic and artificial sea. Let me fly” is the message Haterisk gives. Antonino Perrotta ’s Poseidon depicts Poseidon protecting his kingdom overrun by garbage, and the dissolving fish take refuge in his eyes. Are you innocent? is Annalisa Grassano’s work: the mermaid, joining the world of men, does not evolve but perishes and the encounter with man is fatal to her. Polluters are everywhere is the denunciation of Samuele Vesuvio with his work Che tte Pòsseidon and the pissers of poison. Larva depicted a choking seal screaming I can’t breathe; Teisa, with Poisoning and Transformation, intends to emphasize the human transformation caused by toxic waste poisoning in the Terra dei Fuochi (the melting face, with fumes vomited from its mouth). Contamination is the result of the artistic-poetic collaboration of raPoetry and Er Buio who question the future of nature invaded by toxic and radioactive waste.

Ischia, street art exposes pollution of the seas
Ischia, street art exposes pollution of the seas

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