Michelangelo's David is even more protected

Following the Barcelona bombing in recent days, additional regulations have been issued to increase control and vigilance at the Accademia Gallery in Florence.

Director of the Accademia Gallery in Florence Cecile Holberg said, “Following the terrorist attack in Spain, we have been on high alert with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. We already have a very good system of security measures, but given the situation we decided to increase them even more.”

He also issued a service order with “directions for the staff, in a discreet manner, to monitor more closely everything that happens in the museum and in the rows in front of the entrance.”

Tighter controls have been established at the metal detector and the range of objects people can bring into the Gallery has been restricted; water bottles over half a liter and liquids other than water, for example, are prohibited.

Works in the Accademia Gallery as well as Michelangelo ’s David are"under special surveillance."

Source: Ansa - Here news Florence

Michelangelo's David is even more protected
Michelangelo's David is even more protected

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