At the Marchi Chapel in Seravezza, young Enrico Minguzzi's Zenit on display.

From Aug. 6 to 28, the Marchi Chapel of the church of Madonna del Carmine in Seravezza, Lucca, will host the Zenit solo exhibition by young Romagna artist Enrico Minguzzi.

From Aug. 6 to 28, the Marchi Chapel of the church of Madonna del Carmine in Seravezza (Lucca) will host the solo exhibition Zenit by young Romagna artist Enrico Minguzzi (Cotignolo, 1981), curated by Lorenzo Belli. This is the third in 2022 of the exhibitions organized by Alkedo aps in the Baroque chapel, owned by the municipality of Seravezza.

Minguzzi is an artist on the borderline between figuration and abstraction who does not take his cue from a direct confrontation with the object but composes his imagery by superimpositions of veils, transparencies and thin layers of color, tracing a process of proliferation of forms suspended between the germination and exponential multiplication of fractals. Manual practice, gestural intuition and technique are fundamental elements of his modus operandi.

The exhibition Zenit takes its name from that imaginary point in observational astronomy that is the intersection between the observer’s point and the celestial sphere, and takes its cue from the constructive genesis of the site, the Marchi Chapel, which was made on the axis of the geographic coordinates of the place.

In the works on display, the Romagnolo artist hypothesizes an organic microcosm where new aggregations of matter grow as new forms of life and seems to question the viewer about this kind of perception, transformation and metamorphosis. With Zenit, his first sculpture made of composite materials, the forms that were previously fixed on the canvas become matter like a concretion that tends to rise from below to the sky. It is this quest toward the infinite that is his thematic universe, this constant search for the balance of forms that he seems to merge even chromatically with the search for the four elements: water, air, earth and fire, everywhere forces add up and compensate as causes and effects that mechanically chain themselves. In the two canvases in the exhibition, Levante and Ponente, the tangle of forms comes to life as an inner landscape that seems on the verge of expanding releasing all its energy.

As the curator points out, “Minguzzi defines the forms but it is up to us to adapt, to experience the immensity of his compositions, to decipher the forms as if they were clouds shaped by the wind. The open interior space, thus defined, disrupts all dimensional concepts. For us, there is no longer any system of proportions or scale of reference, and we observers must submit to interpretation after the artist has opened the doors of his dimension to us.”

Enrico Minguzzi (Cotignola, 1981) lives and works in Bagnacavallo (RA). After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in moved to Milan where, in 2008, he held his first solo exhibition Liqueforme, at the Cannaviello Art Studio. Since then his works have been shown in solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries and museums - such as Antinomia at Museo San Domenico in Imola(Bo), 2019. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, including: Ultimi paesaggi at Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Imola (2019), Pittori fantastici nella Valle del Po at PAC in Ferrara (2020) and Senza Figura at Monitor Gallery curated by Nicola Samorì (2021). He carried out site-specific projects and residencies at Areacreativa42 (2019) and at Museo Civico Luigi Varoli (2020), where the was born a new “still life” cycle. In March 2022 Enrico Minguzzi won third prize in the ninth edition of the VAF Foundation Art Prize and his works became part of the VAF Stiftung Collection. He has also received prizes and mentions such as “DAMS Prize,” curated by Renato Barilli, in 2006; winner of the second prize at the “National Arts Prize” in 2006; finalist at the “Morlotti Prize” in 2007, and won the first prize at “Mantegna cercasi” in 2014. Since 2014, in parallel with his artistic work, he has been a founding member of the MAGMA collective, in which he develops projects that combine visual arts, musical research and territorial investigation.

Pictured: Enrico Minguzzi, Ponente (2022; oil on epoxy resin on canvas, 160 x 120 cm)

At the Marchi Chapel in Seravezza, young Enrico Minguzzi's Zenit on display.
At the Marchi Chapel in Seravezza, young Enrico Minguzzi's Zenit on display.

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